Cum ar fi dacă ar exista o singură religie? Misiunea lui Natanael Costea este să ne arate acest drum la ASOM

IMG_1662Your Assignment

Let me ask you this simple questions: Do you know your life’s assignment? If so, are you doing your assignment?

What is an assignment? It is a special task or mission that a person is committing to. It could be that he or she is given the assignment by someone else or they are simply self driven into achieving something great. Your assignment may be very personal or maybe part of a bigger picture.

For example, if you want to have influence in your nation politically, you must understand that in order to change the nation, you must change the policies. In order to change the policies, you must change the culture. And in order to change the culture, you must collectively do your assignment with other people who have the same mindset as you. Yes, you begin with sharing and caring, then you gradually change culture, which then changes the policies and this leads to nation changes.IMG_1661

To undertake your assignment you need to combine two major elements of your life, your gifting and your life training. Your gifting is what you are naturally good at, your God given talent. It has to do with your natural tendency to be good at certain things. I am good at public speaking, leading, teaching and I am an entrepreneur. This is my natural gifting.

My life training is also equally important. I say life training because you do not necessarily have to have a university degree to fulfill your assignment. Your life training is all that happened to you, especially the adversities and challenges you faced and how you came through them. If I could define life training I would say it is the combination of resilience to adversity with the desire to do good.

No one else in this world has the exact combination of these two elements in the world, except you. And your gifting and life training are preparing you for your assignment, for a time such as this.

When we look at the old book, at the Bible, we read incredible stories of people who undertook their assignment in exemplary fashion.

IMG_1660You might think that maybe the Bible is not very appropriate for business, but let me reassure you that most great business concepts have come from the Bible. Look at the Apple business model. It was built on the desire from the Garden of Eden. If Steve Jobs could create something so desirable that everyone would want, he’d win the whole business world to himself. So he used the forbidden fruit not only as a symbol for marketing, but also as a marketing and business model. Just as Adam and Eve desired the forbidden fruit, most people today desire and Apple product.

What do we learn about assignments in the greatest book of history? We learn that Noah undertook a God given assignment of 120 years to build an ark to save humanity. If he had not fulfilled his assignment humanity would have perished. Moses’s assignment was to lead the Israelite out of Egypt. Esther’s assignment was to save her nation. Her uncle said to her that she was a queen for a time like this. Everything, her gifting (beauty) and life training (to be a queen) summed up in this assignment, to save her people. No one else could do it. It had to be her. And it had to be mission impossible.

Every life assignment is mission impossible. This is so you can only accomplish it with God’s help. If you truly want to accomplish something beyond yourself in this life, you need to draw near to God and get direction for your assignment. You then pour your life into that task and not stop until you complete it.

At the Australian School of Ministry we teach students how to discover their assignment. We equip them with techniques and strategies to influence society. We enable them with proven tools to have an impact in the world. And we empower them with confidence to go out there and do it.

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Mii de multumiri,

In God’s abundant goodness,

Ps Natanael Costea




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